24/7365 Days a YearEmergency Service
(866) 699-9283


24/7365 Days a YearEmergency Service
(866) 699-9283


Denver’s Top Choice for Disaster Restoration Services

If you need services fast, please call our office now at 866-699-9283. We will be there within an hour to provide you with our top-rated disaster restoration services.

A disaster can happen at any time. It’s a reality that can be nearly impossible to plan for, or even prevent from happening. When disaster strikes, you can count on RESCON’s award winning disaster restoration team to come to the rescue. Our core values are all about exceeding the expectations of every customer, and we strive to transition your disaster into a pleasant customer experience. Read on to find out our most common calls for disaster restoration services in Colorado.

Fire Damage

Our fire damage restoration teams are on call 24/7 which means that a real person will pick up when you call for help. Our crew will be there quickly to protect your home or building, remove the damaged area, clean up all the debris and then repair the area where the fire occurred. We have helped out with some of our areas largest fire losses. Our team takes great pride in their work. At RESCON, you can trust that we send experienced, highly trained and professional team members to fix a fire problem of any size.

Smoke Damage

Even the smallest fire can cause unbearable smoke damage. We just received a call from a small kitchen fire that happened when the homeowner left a frying pan unattended. Luckily, she caught the fire before it spread, and it only damaged her kitchen cabinets. We easily repaired her kitchen, but the smoke from the fire went throughout the entire house. Our team was also able to clean all the contents and remove the smoke odor from the home.

We also took a call after a lamp in a basement bedroom fell over, and caught the carpet on fire. Nobody was injured in this fire, but the fire caused a strong smell throughout the home. Our odor removal specialists, with the help of our best-in-class equipment, were able to successfully remove the odor quickly. With RESCON, there is no need to live in a house full of odor.

Water Damage

Water can cause a lot of damage to any building. It can also lead to a host of other issues, so it is important to never wait if you uncover water leaking or flooding of any kind. Water damage restoration is our specialty, and all of our crews are trained to respond to these situations. Hiring a company certified in water damage remediation and repair can make all the difference.

Our quick response team will remove the water and then set our specialized equipment to dry and treat the wet area. Throughout this process, our customer service team will keep you informed from start to finish. Most of these jobs can be finished in a matter of days, so call us to keep your property safe and dry.

Hail Damage

A huge hail event may be one of the scariest events for any family to encounter. Setting in your home while you hear large balls of ice hit your roof, and pound the side of your house can be alarming. We have helped hundreds of area homeowners repair their roofs, siding and windows after a hail event. We have become a trusted authority in this market, and have partnered with the best roofing material manufacturers in the industry.

We are often called in to conduct tarp-off services to protect the inside of a house or building from leaking water. We offer free estimates here, and our clients are often amazed at the variety of new roofing materials that are on the market today. Our roofing teams are clean, polite and quick – and are held to our high quality standards. If you think you have a problem caused by hail, please call us for a free quote today.

Mold Remediation

Dealing with issues involving mold is an important part of RESCON’s disaster response duties. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a record amount of mold calls this year, and it has become a growing concern throughout Colorado. We have a lot of information on our website about the health issues surrounding mold problems.

We are really proud to be one of the area’s top mold remediation companies, and the communities source of help for solving mold claims. We have one of the most comprehensive mold remediation procedures in the business, and employ crews that are specifically trained and certified in this area of environmental clean-up.

Other Areas of Expertise

Although we are known as an award winning disaster restoration company, we also provide a variety of other services for the community we serve. These additional services include:

  • Large Loss Estimating and Consulting
  • Property Rehab
  • Property Demolition Services
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Tenant Improvements and Finish-Outs
  • ADA Compliant Improvements
  • VA Remodeling Work
  • Insurance Adjuster Consultations
  • Professional Construction Services Like Painting, Drywall and Flooring

At RESCON, we serve Colorado with three locations; Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo West. We are proud to hold some of the highest ratings in the disaster restoration industry throughout the state. For this reason, we have become preferred partners for many large insurance carriers who count on our precision and focus to deliver results to their policyholders.

Our Senior Management team is made up of proven professionals in this industry, and our crew leaders, staff and field people are trained in disaster restoration - as well as customer service. We hold our work to a very high standard, but we are most proud of our passion - Passion for helping people when they need it most!

The Best Name in Colorado Disaster Restoration and Construction

RESCON is our name, and it comes from the combination of restoration and construction. Being one of the most successful residential and commercial restoration contractors in the state of Colorado is something that we are all very proud of. Let us show you why our customers love us.

If you are looking for fair prices, great service and amazing quality – give us a call. Let the team at RESCON get you back on track while remaining stress-free. We provide FREE estimates. Call us at 1-866-699-WATER (9283), or reach us online at www.callrescon.com.

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