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24/7365 Days a YearEmergency Service
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Emergency Board Up Services in Denver Colorado

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During a recent emergency fire that our team responded to, we were speaking with the Fire Chief about how important the initial board up procedure is to the building structure. It made us think how often this important service goes unnoticed amidst the chaos of an emergency event like a fire. After all, the first part of repairing the problem is to first eliminate any other potential problems from taking place.

Emergency board up, when done correctly, involves so much more than just nailing some wood over windows, or tacking down tarp to a damaged roof. We hope this article helps you understand the importance of calling an experienced board up company, and the critical steps that are involved in the board up process.

What is a Board Up?

The phrase “Board Up” can mean a lot of things in the disaster restoration industry. In simple terms, it means securing and protecting the property quickly after an emergency has occurred. At RESCON, this is a serious matter, and we pride ourselves on responding to these situations in under an hour.

Here are the main types of board ups that we get called into perform:

Securing and closing all areas:

You can imagine the problems that could occur if your home or business were left wide open after an emergency. Unless the damage ruined the entire building, there are usually a lot of valuables still inside the structure. Keeping the building secure is critical.

Roof tarp covering:

We have been called out to tarp off roofs at every hour of the day and night. They tend to be caused from fires or heavy rains. They can also be necessary due to large hail events, heavy winds and in some cases even lightning damage.


In many cases, a board up can also require a barricade. We often have to install fencing around a building to keep people out of the emergency area. The barricades provide that extra level of protection when extra precautions are required.

Debris removal:

You can imagine the debris left over after an emergency. A big part of our job involves removing all debris inside and outside of the building. This keeps everyone in the community safe, and allows adjusters, estimators and restoration professionals to move around the area without suffering any injuries.

Temporary electric:

In many cases, the building loses all electricity during a disaster situation. Our company makes sure that our clients have the proper power source, if needed, to continue everyday services to the building. This also gives the restoration team the needed power to put your home or business back together.

Total damage assessment:

One of the major benefits that RESCON provides our clients is a comprehensive inspection of the total damage to the building. Having assisted clients in thousands of emergency situations, our team knows exactly what to look for, and can provide you with a complete assessment of the total damage.

Direct connection to insurance carriers:

We make it easy on our clients by directly billing their insurance company for services performed. Our business is built on relationships with the top insurers in the industry. We know how to exceed their expectations, and understand what they need to make your claim go through their specific process without snags or problems.

Why is a Board Up Important?

Because most emergency calls for board up services come from clients where there has not been a total loss of the building, a board up can provide an extra level of protection. An emergency situation causes enough stress on our clients, and securing the home from criminal activity prevents them from experiencing further loss. This peace of mind is important.

Also, boarding up a property after an emergency protects the entire community. Imagine the dangers that lurk inside a damaged building. A proper board up prevents access from children, curiosity seekers and other people in the surrounding area. This procedure can protect you and your family from any liability that may arise from an unsecured structure, and makes sense for overall public safety.

Finally, in many cities, board ups are a required part of the repair process by the local authorities. For the reasons mentioned above, many clients are required to hire a board up professional to get the job done in a timely and professional manner.

How Does a Board Up Fit Within the Overall Process?

At RESCON, we strive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. It would be impossible to achieve this standard on thousands of clients without a great process. We train our people constantly on emergency response procedures, and here is how we handle your job when you call our office.

  1. After you call RESCON for board up services, our team will be on-site within one hour. We show up ready to go, with our team properly equipped with the highest rated board up materials. Then, we perform the necessary board up procedure to protect and secure the building.
  2. Our experienced estimating team meets with the building owner. This provides them with the results of our initial assessment, and sets the proper expectations for timelines and requirements to secure and repair the structure.
  3. Our contents team will then prepare a detailed plan of action. Our contents team is responsible for making sure your salvageable items are free from smoke, soot or other unpleasant sediments. Understanding how we work through this plan is important.
  4. We write a very detailed estimate by using sophisticated software. This estimate is used to determine the costs of repairing the damage, and is reviewed with the homeowner and the insurance company representative.
  5. In order for us to proceed to the next steps, we need to get a signed contract from the homeowner to begin the work. This Work Authorization is your agreement to allow RESCON to begin repairing the damage caused by the emergency.
  6. We then begin the process of inventorying all of your salvageable contents and start cleaning up the damage. We inventory items with a robust software program, and we remove all of the damaged area throughout the building.
  7. We then move all of the contents to one of our facilities. Here, we begin cleaning all of the contents using our advanced equipment. We will store them securely inside our facility while the repairs to your building are underway.
  8. Once everything that was damaged is removed from the house, the job will get turned over to RESCON’s Production Team. These people will begin the repair and construction process to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

There you have it – the entire process from start to finish. Remember, there is a proper way to perform board up services. We take great pride in helping members of our community when they need help the most. Don’t underestimate the importance of hiring the right team of professionals to board up your home or business when disaster strikes.

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