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Fire Restoration After Colorado Wildfires

As we write this blog, Gatlinburg, TN, is on fire. In fact, it’s pretty much a total loss. Gatlinburg, if you aren’t aware, is a touristy town kind of like our own Estes Park. Gatlinburg was consumed by a wildfire that had swept through the hills, destroying many homes in the process. It got us thinking about wildfires here in Colorado and the fire restoration that has to be done when homes are scorched but not destroyed. Let’s take a look at some of the big fires that have occurred since 2000.

The Hayman Fire (2002)

Let’s start with the biggest in terms of acreage: the Hayman Fire. It’s the largest fire in Colorado history, burning more than 137,000 acres. This fire is right in the middle of Rescon’s service area, south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs. 133 homes were destroyed or suffered fire damage. The Hayman Fire fire killed six people, including five firefighters (the firefighters we killed in a traffic accident on the way to fight the fire). In the end it was determined that the fire was started by an act of arson. After a month and a half of fighting this fire, it ended up costing the state of Colorado $40 million directly. It also cost it considerable revenue in lost tourism; even though the area burned wasn’t the most touristy part of Colorado, the images on the news scared people away.

The High Park Fire (2012)

When it comes to home fire damage, the Hayman Fire was light compared to the amount of acres burned. The High Park fire of 2012, west of Fort Collins, consumed or damaged fewer acres (87,000) but destroyed nearly twice as many homes. One person was killed in this lightning-caused fire.

Waldo Canyon Fire (2012)

The High Park Fire of near Fort Collins was able to claim the infamous claim of “most homes lost due to fire damage” for only a few days before the Waldo Canyon Fire took the title away from it. The Waldo Canyon Fire started on June 23, 2012 northwest of Colorado Springs. By the time it was contained three weeks later, only 18,000 acres had been burned but 346 homes were destroyed by fire damage. It also causes over 32,000 people to evacuate. There were two fatalities.

Black Forest Fire (2013)

The amount of acres burned (over 14,000) wasn’t the big story, but the amount of homes affected was. In only nine days over 500 homes were destroyed, with 28 homes requiring fire and water damage restoration. Two people died and tens of thousands were evacuated.

And Finally...

Perhaps the scariest part of the wildfires is that they’re getting bigger as the decades roll by. In the 1960s and 1970s there were about 100,000 acres destroyed in each decade. That doubled in the 1980s and 1990s. But when you get to the turn of the millennium, over 1,000,000 acres burned in our state. This is despite the advances in surveillance, air support, and better access to the fires themselves. When wildfires do occur, Rescon Restoration and Construction will be there to fix what can be fixed and rebuild what can’t. If your home is in need of fire damage restoration, you know who to call.

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