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24/7365 Days a YearEmergency Service
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Fire Restoration in Colorado Springs

Last year, in Colorado Springs, there were over 600 home fires. Fires in Colorado cause over 200 million dollars in damage annually, but the real toll comes on the families after suffering the trauma that a home fire can so often deliver. No matter the numbers, it is difficult to measure, and harder to overestimate, the stress, trauma, and disruption that home fires can cause to the families whose homes are affected. When home fires happen, Colorado Springs residents can count on RESCON for Fire Restoration. RESCON is Colorado’s best partner for fire damage restoration.


Defending Against Fire Damage

Your best defense against fire damage is to prevent home fires from starting in the first place. What is one of the most common causes of home fires? Candles. Whenever you light a candle, make sure that you never leave the room, and always blow out the candle before going to bed or leaving the house. We know that candles look and smell good, but they can be very dangerous when left unattended in the home.


Smoking is another cause of home fires. Although the number of smokers across the country has been on the decline, it has still has been one of the leading causes of home fires across the country. If you’re a smoker, consider making it a rule to smoke outside, and never smoke in bed where you can easily fall asleep.


Electrical and lighting issues are also a major cause of home fires across the country. Faulty wiring, overloaded outlets and old electrical cords can be major concerns when protecting your family from a home fire. Table lamps can fall off of nightstands or end tables and quickly set an entire room on fire. Make sure that you shut out all the lights when leaving a room, and consider having a certified electrician conduct a check up of the wiring in your home.


One of the most common sources of house fires that we see center around cooking. We all get busy, and sometimes we forget things. When cooking on your stove, never leave the kitchen to go do something else. It is estimated that over 156,000 house fires start from a cooking incident. Make sure that you keep towels and other flammable items far away from your cooking area. Also, never throw water on a grease fire. Put a lid on the top of the pan and smother the fire out before it spreads.


Alarms and Exit Strategies

Every family should make sure that their home has smoke alarms that work. The best chances that you have for escaping a house fir unhurt, is to immediately be alerted when one has started. You should set a reminder on your phone to check your fire alarms every month, and make sure that you have fire alarms on every level of the house. You also want them inside each bedroom, and in the hallway outside of each bedroom.


When it comes to escaping house fires, preparation is paramount. Every member of your family should have a plan to exit the home in the event that a fire should occur. Practice this exit plan with your family, and make sure that everyone knows exactly what to do. Just like schools have “fire drills”, your family needs to have them as well. Unfortunately, most families don’t have a plan to escape the home when a fire happens. Make sure that your family is ready.


The RESCON 8-Step Fire Restoration Process

In the unfortunate event that your home is damaged by fire, RESCON has an 8-step process for Colorado Fire Restoration.

  1. RESCON will assess the damage, looking for all signs of fire, smoke and soot damage.
  3. We will make an individual plan for Fire Restoration. In Colorado Springs, no two houses are alike, and every fire restoration job is a little bit different. Our certified professionals customize a plan to repair the damage in your house.
  5. We will secure the damaged parts of your house, including windows, with boards and tarps. We want to protect against any further damage to your home.
  7. RESCON will then give priority to rescuing your most financially and sentimentally valuable items before we do the rest of the repairs.
  9. Then we will use our specialized equipment to remove the smoke and soot from your carpets, clothing, and upholstery.
  11. RESCON will then clean the house and remove the smell of smoke from all parts of your house, using environmentally safe cleaning chemicals.
  13. Our General Contracting division will repair and replace the damaged structures of your house back to their pre-loss condition.
  15. Finally, we will conduct a final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

We want you and your family to be informed of how to prevent fires from happening in your home or business. In the unfortunate event that you happen to experience a fire, you can trust that our team at RESCON will handle the job correctly the first time. So, when you need help with fire damage, call RESCON 24 hours a day at 866-699-9283. You can also learn more about RESCON on our website, at www.callrescon.com.

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