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How A Restoration Company Can Work With Insurance Companies

  It’s probably no surprise to you that there aren’t many cases where a client of our is paying out of pocket for fire or water damage restoration. Nearly everyone has insurance on their home or business, and if they have a mortgage then they are legally required to have insurance. So when someone calls us regarding restoration services, insurance is likely to become involved very soon, if they’re not already. Here at RESCON Restoration and Construction, we have extensive experience dealing with both customers and insurance companies, and we treat both with the utmost respect. Let’s take a look at ways in which insurance might become involved in a home restoration project.

What’s Happened

Let’s say that someone in Denver wakes up one rainy morning and, after a morning cup of coffee, notices strange sounds from the basement. They get halfway down the steps and let out a curse (seems like as good a time as any), and notice that their basement floor is flooded with water. Maybe the gutters clogged up, overfilled the light wells with water, and then the glass broke. Or maybe it was one of those 500-year-floods that we’re getting every 25 years and a nearby creek, river, or canal overflowed and flooded their basement. If they’re smart, they won’t head down into the water to save any of their possessions; submerged outlets can be dangerous. They’ll head back upstairs and ask Siri for a certain profession.

Who They Call First

The first thing they’ll probably do is call an emergency plumber, because that certainly makes sense. Water problems often equal call the plumber in many people’s minds. If the flood waters have receded, the plumber will most likely be able to head downstairs with the proper protective gear and a portable sump pump to send that water back outside. At that point, many people will ask the plumber “what next?” Most people have never needed water damage restoration services before, and they don’t know what the next step is in the process. That’s when the plumber will tell them that they’ll need someone like RESCON who specialize in flood damage restoration.

Then They Call Us

When the plumber leaves, most people will come down from their shock and anger only to have a good cry. When the tears dry, they call RESCON to let us know what’s happened. We’ll take their insurance information and get the process started, because we work with insurance companies every day. The insurance company will also contact the customer to make sure that RESCON is indeed the ones they want to perform the restoration work. We’ll stop by to get the process started and keep the customer informed throughout.

...Or They Call Their Insurance

If a customer doesn’t call us after the plumber, they’ll contact their insurance company. And that’s when many insurance companies will call us, because they know RESCON’s dedication to quality on every project. They know we’ll get the job done on-time and on-budget and that we’ll make the customer with the flooded basement as happy as possible with our water damage service. Insurance companies count on RESCON to do it right, and they also know that we’ll keep them updated as the process moves along. That’s why the keep coming back again and again to take care of their best clients. RESCON has extensive experience working with insurance companies and directly with the customer. We know what insurance companies are looking for and how a customer (one who’s often in shock after such a traumatic event) wants to be treated. No matter what side of the catastrophe you’re on, you can trust in RESCON to make the restoration go as smoothly as possible.      

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