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Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Handle Fire Damage Restoration On Your Own

Few things are as catastrophic as experiencing a fire at your place of residence. Of course, the first concern is always to make sure that all people and animals are evacuated from the premises safely, but what then? Even in situations where the fire department is called right away, there can still be significant damage to your home in a matter of seconds. When the smoke clears and the fire trucks pull away, you’ll left looking at a home that’s full of scarred surfaces, damaged appliances, and destroyed personal belongings. Depending on the severity of the fire, you could also be left with significant water damage caused by the soaking required to keep the blaze from spreading. Seeing your Denver home ruined by fire, but it’s important not to let your emotions get the better of you. The fire damage restoration specialists at Rescon can help you pick up the pieces and make things look good as new, but you have to call us! Keep reading to learn a few of the most important reasons that you should never attempt to perform fire damage restoration on your own.

Why Is Fire Damage Restoration Important?

The most important reason to hire an expert for your fire restoration is safety. Without the skill and experience that comes with hiring professionals, you can never really be sure that your home is safe for human habitation again. Even rooms that look completely clean to the naked eye could contain hidden contaminants or potential hazards. Your family has already been through so much. Why risk future damage or injury?

More Reasons To Avoid DIY Fire Damage Restoration

  • It’s Too Emotional - No matter what the cause, suffering fire damage in your home or business is devastating. One minute your home was safe and secure, the place where you gathered with family and watched your children grow. The next minute? Your home is engulfed in flames and your personal belongings destroyed by smoke. You’ll probably feel like crying, getting angry, or just avoiding the situation altogether. Don’t make things harder on yourself by taking on the monumental task of damage restoration.
  • Dangerous Environment - Even if you’re emotions are in check, it’s still not a good idea for you to venture back inside your house without a professional. Burned areas of your home could suffer from structural damage and the electrical system may still be engaged. Exposure to lingering smoke could cause health issues. Don’t risk injury after you were so lucky to escape the fire itself.
  • Lack Of Proper Equipment - Sure, you’re pretty good with a mop and bucket, but properly cleaning up after a fire requires so much more than elbow grease. Top restoration companies like Rescon know that you must clean below the surface in order to truly reverse fire damage. Soot removal, structural drying, and dehumidification are all much easier when you have professional equipment.
  • Intangible Sanitation - And it’s not only the physical areas of your home that need to be restored after a fire; you also have to think about purification of the air. “Thermal fogging or chemical scrubs may be utilized to combat the dirt, smoke, and soot that are caught in the recesses of the homes hard surfaces, including ceiling, walls and flooring,” explains the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Contact The Fire Damage Restoration Experts at Rescon For Help!

If your home has been affected by fire, don’t delay. Every second could be crucial in repairing the damage left in the fire’s wake. Call the fire damage restoration experts at Rescon in Denver today. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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