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24/7365 Days a YearEmergency Service
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RESCON: The Name to Call When Disaster Strikes

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Last week was another busy one for the team here at RESCON. The brutal hail storm that hit our area continues to impact homeowners, and our crews are staying very busy taking care of our valued customers. This event, along with our other ongoing jobs, gives us a perfect platform to inform you on what a typical week at RESCON looks like to our staff and field crews. So, without further ado, here are some of the highlights from our company last week, and how we helped members of this community.

Hail Damage in Colorado

Hopefully, your home or business was not damaged by the recent hail event that roared through Colorado. This massive hail pounded roofs, ruined gutters, broke windows and put some nasty dents in siding across the region.

Our crews were called out throughout the days and nights ahead to perform tarp off work. This is when we apply a tarp to a roof to prevent damage from rain water or other external forces. When it was all said and done, we performed work on dozens and dozens of structures throughout the Front Range. Our experienced Estimators then when out to assess the overall damage to each building, and get a timely estimate to the homeowner and the insurance provider. We are now working on all of these roofs to protect residents and to preserve the value of their home.

Fire Restoration Services

Last week, we were called into assist on two large fire losses. In the first situation, a fire started in the basement of a local home. The fire spread throughout the house, and damaged a large portion of the entire home. We worked closely with the fire department to secure the location, to prevent further damage. Our crews then began the fire restoration process by cleaning the smoke and soot. We finished up our estimate, and are in the process of working hard to get this family back into their home.

The second fire job was a kitchen fire. Although this one didn’t cause as much damage as our first event, the smoke damage throughout the home was considerable. We were able to block off the kitchen, and we started the process of inventorying all of the contents for cleaning.

The technology that our team deploys in these situations allows us to clean everything from furniture, clothes, blankets and trinkets. All of the belongings in this home were salvageable (except for the stove), and we just had to remove the soot from all the items. Now, our team is in the process of rebuilding the entire kitchen area so this family can enjoy their home once again.

Vandalizing Repair Service

Unfortunately, sometimes all the precautions you take cannot be enough to stop some criminals from defacing property. In the middle of the night, we received a call from a wireless phone retail outlet that they had an attempted burglary. The person tried to break into the store to steal cell phones and accessories. They broke the front door, kicked in a window and damaged some of the walls inside the store.

Our response team showed up in the middle of the night, worked with the store manager and the police department, and secured the building. We were able to temporarily board up the door to prevent further damage. Now, we begin the process of fixing the damage, so the business can operate without interruptions.

Large Loss Site Visit

Our team also met with a large loss adjuster from a prominent insurance company to go over significant damage to a large commercial building in Denver. We perform these duties quite often, and will work closely with the customer’s insurance company to create an estimate of the damage and what it will cost to repair the building.

This building had a faulty pipe on the top floors that caused serious water damage in the unit. In fact, so much water came out of the unit, that the water began flowing down into the other units below, causing a tremendous amount of damage. We were on site quickly to extract the water, and immediately began working with the adjuster on a plan to restore the property back to its pre-loss condition.

Large loss insurance adjusters have come to respect our years of service, and rely on us to handle some of their largest claims. It’s a big part of our business, and an area where we have a tremendous amount of talent.

Mold Abatement

We get a lot of calls to help with mold situations throughout the state. These are calls that we never take lightly. Mold is associated with an entire host of health related concerns, and if you ever suspect you see mold in your home or business, you should call us right away. Its always better to have a company, like RESCON, make sure that the dwelling is safe to occupy.

In this situation, a retired couple was coming back home from six months abroad. When they opened up their home, they found mold throughout the bottom level of the house. After calling RESCON, we were able to identify the source of the mold, remove the spores from the home, and now we are in the process of repairing all of the damaged areas inside.

HOA Meeting

We were called into present to a local Homeowners Association on preventative measures for floods and fires. We do a lot of these meetings throughout the state, and we really enjoy meeting members of the community, and helping them protect their most valuable asset.

RESCON Team Meeting

Finally, we held a RESCON Team meeting outside of our 3 office locations. This offsite meeting allowed us to go over important safety precautions that our team encounters on a daily basis. Safety for our clients, and for our team members, is an important part of our systems and procedures.

This meeting also allowed us to have an open idea exchange among all employees. Sharing best practices, and working together to solve problems is an important part of our culture.

At the end of our meeting, we recognized employees that went above and beyond for our clients. After all, helping people when they need it the most is our business. So, if you need restoration services, you can trust RESCON to get the job done right the first time. One call … Call RESCON.

The Best Name in Colorado Disaster Restoration and Construction

RESCON is our name, and it comes from the combination of restoration and construction. Being one of the most successful residential and commercial restoration contractors in the state of Colorado is something that we are all very proud of. Let us show you why our customers love us.

If you are looking for fair prices, great service and amazing quality – give us a call. Let the team at RESCON get you back on track while remaining stress-free. We provide FREE estimates. Call us at 1-866-699-WATER (9283), or reach us online at www.callrescon.com.

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