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Winter Damage That Requires Home Restoration

In our previous blog we talked all about the problems that show up around the holidays that can lead to you needing fire damage restoration. After all, people light candles throughout the winter months, and dry Christmas trees certainly don’t help matters. Add to that fire dangers associated with new electronics and old incandescent Christmas lights and it’s no wonder why some people have to call for fire damage restoration service around the second week of January. But those aren’t the only reasons that home restoration services are needed during the winter months. Here are some more major problems that occur in homes when the weather is cold here in Colorado


Wait, wait, we just finished up on fires, why are we bringing it up again? Well, we touched on one of the most common reasons that a house needs water damage restoration in this blog: firefighters. In order to protect the rest of your home and your neighbors’ homes, firefighters will literally soak you home. That means you’ll be needing fire and water restoration services from RESCON.

Broken Pipes

Many people leave for the holidays to visit relatives, only to return a week later to find that a pipe has burst in their kitchen or bathroom, leaking or spraying all over the floor. If it was like that for days, the entire level of the house — not to mention the basement that’s under it — could require extensive water damage restoration. Usually what happens it that people turn down the heat in their homes in order to save money while they’re gone. Unfortunately, they turn it down below the recommended temperature of 55 degrees, and then the pipes freeze. (It varies depending on the type of pipes and the construction of your home, so don’t take that 55-degree number as gospel.) If the pipes freeze and crack, they’ll start leaking the next day when the temperature warms up again. If the pipes freeze and then they burst completely, it’s a huge mess that takes a restoration company to fix. How do you avoid problems like this? Keep the temperature above 55 when you’re gone, and open up the cabinet doors under sinks in order to allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes. If you suspect you have a frozen pipe that hasn’t cracked yet (for instance, it’s very cold and the water doesn’t flow when you turn on the water), follow these tips from your a local Denver plumber in order to thaw it out.

Gutter Problems

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you know that six inches of snow today can be completely melted by tomorrow. You can thank the more intense sun and dryer air for that. It’s a nice little feature of living here that people in other parts of the country just can’t seem to fathom. So where does all that water go when it melts? Most of it heads down the storm sewers, which feed the streams and rivers. Some of it is soaked up by the ground. But when water isn’t properly channeled away from a house, all of it melting on the roof can pool in the wrong place. This usually happens because of broken gutters, or because the gutters are backed up. When that happens all of that water can head down light wells. Once those fill up, the glass breaks and all of that water flows directly into the basement. Time to call a water restoration company. How can this be avoided? When fall rolls around, clean out and inspect those gutters to make sure the water is draining to the right place, Also, make sure that the downspouts aren’t washing away the soil at the base of your home’s foundation.

Sewer Problems

Sewer problems are something that can hit just about any house, but are more likely to hit homes in older parts of town. Before the invention of PVC pipes, most sewer lines were made from multiple lengths of iron, steel, lead, or concrete. Over time these would disintegrate or become misaligned at the joints, causing them to collapse. When that happens, any wastewater heading away from the house has nowhere to go but back where it came from. Luckily, “not flushing anymore” can usually contain the mess to one room. This often happens in winter because of the excess grease from big meals. It’s when the public sewer line backs up that the real problems start. This often happens at the end of winter, when heavy rains start and the sewers back up with too much water. That’s when the entire basement floods, and you suddenly have a major health concern. After all, it’s not just your wastewater anymore. You’re going to need some water damage restoration as well as mold removal and remediation. What can be done about that? Not much, and you’re going to need pretty extensive water restoration services. Just remember that sewer backup service isn’t covered by default on most insurance plans. If you want them to pay, you’ll have to add a rider.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs aren’t something that many homeowners have to deal with. While there are some architectural styles that employ flat roofs, it’s much more likely that a business will have a flat roof. Luckily for them, we take care of that sort of problem when problems strike. Let’s take March, 2003, for instance. A huge snowstorm dumped feet of snow in Fort Collins, damaging more than 100 roofs. The biggest damaged occurred to their Bed Bath & Beyond, because the entire roof collapsed and damaged hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory. Was there anything that BB&B could have done to prevent this from happening? Probably not, but when they rebuilt we’re pretty sure they spent a little bit more for an extra-reinforced roof! Considering what we’ve talked about over the previous two blogs, winter seems like something you want to get out of before the entire place goes up in flames or gets completely flooded. But as a fire and water recovery company, we know that disaster restorations aren’t just limited to the winter months. Stop back by our blog later and you can find the most common reasons for water and fire damage during the rest of the year!  

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