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Why Fire and Water Restoration Go Hand In Hand

When many people search for Rescon on the internet, they often search for “fire and restoration service.” The fact is, these two services almost always go together, but only in that order. Why? Because water damage restoration doesn’t always need fire damage restoration, but the opposite is almost always true. Confused yet? Let’s take a look at why fire damage and water damage go together.

The Fire Department

The fire department is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? It’s not there to set fires; it’s there to deliver water. And that’s why fire damage = water damage. When the fire department arrives, they’re actually there for many reasons. One, of course, is to make sure that everyone is safely out of the house. When there’s someone in the house, there’s nothing else on their mind other than to help those inside. So of course they’re going to break windows and doors as they need to, leading to repairs that the fire might never have caused. But if they get everyone out of the house, it’s more than worth it. The second reason they’re there is to put out the fire in your house, and in order to do this they’re going to start spraying water. Hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water. Through the windows and into any holes that are in your roof. They’ll soak your insulation, drywall, and carpet. The fact is, they’re trying to save your house, and in doing so they’re going to have to drown it. The water damage restoration that has to be done afterwards is not on their minds, nor should it be. The third main reason that they’re there isn’t about your house at all. They’re there to prevent your neighbor’s house from catching on fire. So if it seems like they’re using an excessive amount of water, they are! They’d rather use too much water on your house than to risk the entire neighborhood going up in flames. If that means sending even more water into your bedrooms, that’s what they’re going to do.

Melted Pipes

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that many fires start in the kitchen. People will be cooking and have a grease fire, or they’ll leave a stovetop burner on and a pizza box lid will fall on top of it. So the kitchen is now aflame. Of course, the kitchen sink and the dishwasher are there, along with their pipes. Pipes are almost always made of PVC, and PVC starts to melt at only 320 degrees Fahrenheit. When that happens, water can start flowing from the pipes, causing damage that can soak the kitchen, flood the living room, and filter down to the ceiling of a basement. Unless the fire was able to be contained with a fire extinguisher, fire damage leads to water damage nearly every time. Rescon Restoration and Construction has extensive experience with each and can get your home back up and running in a short amount of time. Contact us when you need the best in fire and water restoration.

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