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Why Fire Damage is Often Less Intensive Than It Used To Be

  In our previous blog we talked about why fires are so much less common than they used to be. Some reasons were more obvious, such as fewer wood burning fireplaces, fewer lit candles being moved throughout the house, and a lot less oil being burned in lamps. Then there are the points that are a little less obvious: people smoke less, electricity is safer than it used to be, and lightning is less likely to strike a house than it is the taller structures that are more prevalent in modern society. But even when fires do occur in homes, the amount of fire restoration required is less than it used to be. Why aren’t fires spreading as much as they used to?

Building Materials Are Have More Flame Retardancy

Materials in the home are more flame retardant than they were in the past. This includes carpeting and many of the textiles you’ll find in the home — clothes, drapes, and walls — all of which are less likely to catch on fire. Also, the gypsum drywall that your walls are probably made from is less likely to catch fire than a wood wall. Materials that are more flame retardant mean that a person has more time to react to a fire before it becomes unmanageable. They might still need some fire damage restoration, but at least they’re not dealing with restoring an entire house.

Fire Doors

Many of us keep volatile and flammable materials in the garage, including gasoline cans, paint thinner, and “contents under pressure” cans such as spray paint. Add to this something that will produce sparks — a grinding wheel or a small engine, for example — and it’s no surprise that the garage is not an unlikely place for a fire to start. Luckily, most modern building codes require that there be a fire door between the house and an attached garage. The garage might be a total loss, but the required amount of fire restoration is considerably lessened.

Smoke Detectors

The legal requirement for homes to have smoke detectors has saved many lives and significantly reduced the amount of damage to homes. When a person is alerted to a fire during the middle of the night or one that starts two floors away, the fire can be dealt with that much faster by a fire department. This reduces the amount of fire damage restoration that needs to be done. Of course, if the fire can be discovered even sooner, the homeowner might be able to deal with it themselves with...

Fire Extinguishers

When do you think the fire extinguisher was invented? Maybe the turn of the 20th century? In reality, the first one was patented in 1793. Fifty years later a more modern version showed up that contained a fire extinguishing pearl ash solution delivered via compressed air. But for as long as they’ve been around, most fire extinguishers were so bulky and expensive that they were restricted to private businesses and public buildings. It’s only been in the last couple of decades that household fire extinguishers became more common in the home. When you can get a two-pack of fire extinguishers at Sam’s Club for under $30, you know you’re living in good times. Fires are less frequent, but unfortunately, while all of these have reduced the amount of fire damage that has occurred, fire restoration costs just as much due to the increased cost of building materials and the improved techniques that make the restoration blend in more seamlessly than ever before. We hope you’ll never need a fire restoration company like Rescon, but if you do we hope you’ll give us a call or contact us here. We’ll get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.    

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